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These are few more facts I would like readers to know about Christianity from the book “Israel and the Prophecies of the Holy Quran” which I regard as utmost importance to muslims to understand.

Excerpt from Chapter 9:
Basic Dogmas of Christianity

The trinity is perhaps the main dogmas of Christianity, this being the Three in One and One in Three – Father, Son and Holy ghost. But anyone asking a Christian which of these three is God will be given the answer that faith is needed to believe this and not questions. This conception of the Trinity is not an original idea. The Hindus also believe in a kind of Trinity which includes Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, which belief was in evidence thousands of years before the birth of Christ.

According to Christians, Jesus died to cleanse the sins of all mankind. He was crucified on Good Friday, was buried and descended into hell. He was resurrected on the third day (Sunday) and was raised into Heaven, there to sit on the right hand side of God.

A study of the Christian Bible will show that it has been tampered with by human hands, as the Holy Quran puts it;

“Woe! Then, to those who write the book with their hands then say: This is from Allah! So that they may take for it a small price. So woe to them! For what their hands write and woe to them! For what they earn”.   (Surah Al Baqarah, 79)

Even the word of Prophet Jesus have been contradicted and distorted so many times that they are beyond understanding or believing. And once all these facts become clear it is easy to understand why the European Christian nations are spoken of as al-Masih al-Dajjal.

With regard to belief in the Trinity and the redemption of sins, I would like to quote from an article published in The Islamic Review for December 1962.

“Had the belief in the Trinity been justified, or had it been a means of redemption from sins, so much so that without this belief redemption would be impossible, then what good grounds were there for the prophets from Adam to Muhammad (peace be upon them!) refraining from persuading their people directly or indirectly of the truth of this belief? The law of Moses, which was in force until the advent of Jesus Christ, does not contain any support for this belief, and Jesus Christ also never told it to his people.

“The word ‘Trinity’ is not found even once in any part of the Bible. The Greek word for Trinity was first found in Theophilus of Antioch 180 years after Jesus’ death (vide The Catholic Encylopaeia, Vol. 15, p 47.)………

The Bible is considered to be the direct word of God, and the word of the Pope is law; for it is claimed that he receives divine spiritual guidance from God to carry out His word. Muslims may also not know that Roman Catholicism was the first Christian religion, and today they number about 500 millions, whilst the Protestant denominations of Christianity number about 180 millions.

The Hindu superstitions are again repeated by the Roman Catholics with the marking of the forehead with black ash on Ash Wednesday; for the Hindus have been doing this for thousands of years, before Christianity came into being. Furthermore, the burning of the dead (cremation) is allowed in Christianity, just as it is by the Hindu and Buddhist faith. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly popular among Christians today; but Jesus would never have allowed this, for, according to the Bible, Jesus said that he came to fulfil the law of Moses, not to break it. Christmas Day, being on the 25th of December, is also taken from the religions of the ancient sun-gods and other pagan religions; for no one had any idea as to the date of Jesus’s birth, and it was a Scythian monk in Rome who assigned the day, date and month now accepted by the Christians. But it is not held on the 25th of December by all Christians; for the Greeks still hold their Christmas on the 7th
of January…………

I would like to remind Muslim readers who do not know or understand much about Christianity that the New Testament of the Christian Bible was not written by Jesus or by anyone else in his time. It was, in fact, in part written long after the death of Jesus by Saint Paul, who was a Jewish Pharasee from Tarsus and he apparently held dual Jewish and Roman citizenships, and he had never met Jesus, but wrote only that which was related to him, as he was in prison for a very long time. What is more, his real name was Saul. As paganism and idolatry were very popular at that time, he mixed these dogmas with that which was related to him of the preachings of Jesus, and so wrote them all as being the true teachings of the Prophet Jesus.

Pak Mail says: In fact there are a lot more information that I reckon are important and need to be shared to people out there, especially to muslims who wish to understand more about religion. I will try my very best to share more on this book and/or other books should there be any interest to everyone of us relating to Islam. Insya’Allah.

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  1. I think there are readers who like to know briefly about Islam as viewed by others

    1. Pakcik,

      I guess I am not a right person to narrate about Islam for my knowledge is shallow and very little. However, I am glad to share something that I knew base on facts that came along with authenticity.

      Appreciate for highlighting your views.

  2. Sdr Pak Mail,

    Secara umumnya kebanyakkan Orang Islam (Malaysia) berpendapat bahawa perbezaan Islam - Kristian cuma kerana mereka tidak mengaku kerasulan Nabi Muhamad (S.A.W). Hakikatnya , banyak lagi yg tidak diketahui termasuk konsep trinity - Satu dalam 3, 3 dalam satu ini.

    Jelas, kesesatan orang Kristian hari ini tidak ada bezanya dengan kesesatan penganut lain-lain agama. Mereka tidak mengEsakan Allah. Mereka syirik kepada Allah.


    1. Saudara Ujangkutik,

      Saya bersetuju dengan pandangan saudara bahawa kebanyakan orang Islam di negara kita ini tidak mengetahui ajaran2 Kristian selain dari mengengkari kerasulan Nabi Muhammad saw.

      Saya percaya sekiranya orang Islam (Malaysia) mengetahui ajaran2 Kristian yang bertentangan dengan Islam pasti isu murtad dapat dikekang walaupun kitab Injil diterjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Malaysia dan berkemungkinan berada di tangan2 orang Islam.